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Kalimba with piezo pickup, 12 notes


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  • Wooden body;
  • 12 notes;
  • Weight 460 grams;
  • Length 154 mm; (6,1")
  • Height of 48 mm (1,9");
  • Width 167 mm (6,6");
  • Piezo pickup
  • 1/4 output jack

Kalimba - one of the oldest and perhaps the most popular musical instruments in Africa. Kalimba is found almost everywhere, particularly common in Central and Southern Africa. There is a huge amount of the instrument names, but the most famous are kalimbambira, sanza  and malimbaThe second "unofficial" name of this instrument is "African hand piano". This is the name he was given European musicians of the charming, clean, delicate and very musical sound like a music box.

The  instrument has 12 notes. Kalimba resonator made of wood and internal piezo pickup. This kalimba has standad 1/4" output jack and could be directly plugged in your amplifier, combo, mixer or sound card

The following video shows an example of Kalimba in plugged state.

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