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Guda Neo


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  • Материал: жесткая нержавеющая сталь
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New Guda model available - meet GUDA Neo. In the production of this model, Zen-Percussion team has taken into account more than three years experience in the production of the steel tongue drums, as well as the wishes of our customers. We decided to take the best of our models Guda Standard, Guda Plus and Freezbee, and bring it to our new model Guda Neo. Furthermore, this model is not a compromise between Guda Standard and Freezbee - it has completely own sound and character.

Main features of GUDA Neo: 

  • More compact sizes, 43 in diameter (16,8 ") allows to place the instrument more comfortably on your laps, This also gives better access to all tongues while playing;
  • The convex shape of the hemispheres affects the sound positively giving it the necessary volume and color;
  • New, more expensive quality stainless steel. It is thicker and even harder than the previous one. Taking a thicker steel, we were able to achieve better sustain, volume, sound clarity. Also new steel holds the tuning extremely well and keeps it for a long time Expanded range of tones. Guda Neo could be tuned in the range of D3 to E5 (the range could be even wider on some scales) and this gives the opportunity to use more scales in different keys. New scales for Neo are available, find more info here;
  • Using the new steel also allows to get bright high notes and a crisp, tight bass


Official Guda Neo web page: http://guda-drum.com/guda-neo

Guda Neo 9:

Guda Neo 8:

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